I’ve published literary criticism and essays on education. There’s a list of my publications on Google Scholar.

Literary criticism

I’ve written an article about George Eliot and the word ‘sensitive’ and a book chapter about rewritings of the myth of Abraham by Wilfred Owen, A.B. Yehoshua and Ghassan Kanafani.

I’ve written recently about literary works and radical pedagogy, especially Paulo Freire, including in an article on Doris Lessing and a (forthcoming) book chapter on Selma Dabbagh’s novel about life in Gaza and the UK, Out of It.

I’ve written about Doris Lessing in various places.

I’ve written regular review-essays for The Cambridge Quarterly, on books about Victorian literature, biography and reading.


I’ve published articles on widening participation at elite universities in the UK; why universities are often ‘invisible’ to their own local communities; and community engagement in literary studies.