Doris Lessing

I’ve written journalism and scholarly articles about Doris Lessing, including an article on Lessing and old age for The Guardian in 2010.

I interviewed Lessing in 2004 for The Reader. She told me about a dream she’d had involving a red wolf, about Sufism and about a book she was reading set in Persia (now Iran) around the time she was born there.


I spent a month at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin in April 2014, studying Doris Lessing’s typescripts.

I published an article on correspondence held in the archive about The Grass is Singing, which shows that Lessing refused publication by Knopf in part because she was asked to add a rape scene to the novel.

An early poem of Lessing’s, which I found in the archive, has been published in PN Review.

I’ve published two pieces on Lessing which draw on her typescripts: a chapter on ‘interruptions’ in Doris Lessing and the Forming of History, which I co-edited with Kevin Brazil and David Sergeant, and an article on radical pedagogy in Mara and Dann (open access), drawing on the work of Paulo Freire and Idries Shah.